Tuesday, November 08, 2011


The girls always make something handmade for each other for Christmas. This year, however, they have been asking to also buy a little something for their siblings.

We don't give our kids allowances. Bret and I decided long ago that doing chores around the house is something that you do because you live in the home and are part of the family and therefore need to contribute to keeping the family home in order.

If something comes up where the kids need some money to participate in something like going to a movie with friends or something small like that we determine if they've earned the activity and give them the money.

If the kids want a toy or new video game they have to do something above and beyond their regular chores around the house to earn the money and then save up.

Because the girls are well aware of this family rule they have been asking me what they can do around the house to earn some extra money.

I had them come up with a list of chores they are willing to do to earn the funds for Christmas presents. They presented me with the list pictured above.

After reading the list I noticed some of the things on the list were things they were expected to do anyway (fold pj's, make bed, organize play room). They weren't too happy when I pointed out they would have to come up with something else to replace those 3.

We brainstormed together and came up with age appropriate tasks they could do. Empty all the trashes for trash day, dust entertainment center, clean out craft drawers, weed front, sweep out garage, etc.

After hearing what she had to do to get the money Mailee said "Maybe we should just write Santa and tell him we want a robot to do our chores for us and make the robot give us the money because robots don't need toys".

They both thought it was a pretty good idea and promptly added it onto their Christmas wish list.

So far, they've earned $3 each...we'll see if they continue to work or hold out for their robot.

**I asked Ella why she drew the pictures by each chore. She said it was for Mailee so she knew what they were since she can't read big words. They make me smile.***


Kalli said...

We will not be doing an "allowance" either. Chores ARE part of being in a family,

Sol said...

awww that is so cute of Ella. Well done Ella for being fantastic Big Sister.

I was the youngest so struggled a lot to be doing what the older ones were doing.

We earnt our pocket money. It was for normal chores though like washing dishes. My most disliked chore was window washing. I am short, so wasnt very good...!

jessie said...

we never got allowance, and therefore we will not being doing it with our kids either. the kids gotta earn their keep. ;)

whitneyingram said...

"Service is the price we pay for the space we occupy."

My mom kept a list on the fridge of things we could do at any time to earn money. They were always chores that were good for little fingers. Like cleaning the louvered closet doors and washing the baseboards.

I feel like I have a head start on any parent with Ethan owning a catering business. Wanna earn money? Go do Dad's dishes at his kitchen or unload his trailer and truck or wash the bar mops or or or...