Thursday, November 17, 2011


1.The other night I asked Bret to grill up some chops for dinner. He proceeded to put on his headlamp before grabbing the plate of herb marinated meat.

Headlamps come in handy when it's already dark outside at 5 p.m.

2.Being without my computer since Saturday was a challenge. I have this theory that it's the Anti-virus software companies that create know, job security and all.

3.Currently reading The Happiness Project and enjoying it thoroughly. There are some gems in there that you can really chew on and digest. Read it. Love it.

4.Jonas looks super cute in his skinny jeans.

5.We went to Disneyland last week after our family pictures. We decided to watch the Christmas fireworks show (even though I really wanted to wait and do it closer to Christmas). I admit that watching the glow of the fireworks light up my kids "in awe" faces made me tear up a bit. We love that place.

6.I have overheard a few mom's say how excited they are to have their kids home for a whole week next week. I just keep my head down and push the stroller the other way, in case they ask me if I'm excited, because...well, I'm not. Judge's cool.

7.It's really difficult for me not to buy something for myself during this time of year. I really try and only buy for others, but when my inbox is inundated with fantastic deals at some of my favorite stores, clicking that delete button is just so hard. Anyone else with me on this?

8.I find what people end up pinning on Pinterest so fascinating.

9.I bought two huge blocks of fresh mozzeralla. I can not wait to drizzle a few slices (or more) with some vinaigrette dressing and devour it. Mmmm...nom nom nom.

10.Mailee has now picked up on the fact that when she is the one saying the prayer everyone is quiet and only listens to her. She has now made her prayers her way of letting us know things.

"Please help me to get some more box tops and that mom won't forget to cut them out. Please help us recycle toilet paper rolls by making them into binoculars. Please help us to have some gum today after lunch even though I accidentally swallowed mine for two days now and Mom said no more. I want a kitty."

She's a smart one.


Chanell said...

Mailee's prayer = awesome.
I agree about pinterest.
Love when people post a bunch of motivational working out/get skinny pins and then immediately pin recipes for ridiculously decadent desserts.
I also have some anxiety of what to do with Annie all week. I do not judge you.

Melia said...

This post was so worth the wait!

Love Mailee's prayer. She is too smart for her own good.

I am avoiding pinterest like the plague. Like I need one more thing to obsess over.

I think that you should allow yourself at least one thing for yourself when deals are this amazing. It makes Christmas morning more fun for you knowing you will like at least one of your presents. ;)

AMEN on the kids being home all week. I only will have them home wed, thur, fri, but that will be enough for me!

We love Disneyland too. Wish we could have swung it this year. Oh well, a baby is a pretty fair trade off.

Last week, when Doug went out to grill our steaks, he didn't use his headlamp, but rather this flood lamp on a stand. It looked like a construction zone out there.

Um, where is the picture of Jonas in his skinny jeans?!

Love you and am SO glad your computer is back!

Meg said...

Oh, I know! I left a store on Monday with two sweaters and a shirt for Aaron, and two pairs of boots for me. Oopsie.

have you ever tried making your own mozzerella? It's easy and it is SO SO SO good. Like, incredibly good. Plus, people think you're bada$$ when you show up to a party with a plate of tomatoes, basil, and fresh mozzerella that you made yesterday.

Sarah said...

Love it. Christian has totally grilled while wearing a headlamp as well. Totally hot ;)

I am terrible at buying things for myself this time of year. Some deals, and just cute things, are way too hard to pass up. I don't think it's bad at all :)

So wish that we were at Disneyland with you. I would love to see it at Christmas! How fun. I also wish we were closer to hang out with our littles next week because it would be so fun!