Tuesday, October 11, 2011

{To the mountains we go}

We went up to the mountains with our friends with glorious plans to do some raspberry picking and get THE BEST mini apple cider donuts in the world.

Upon reaching our destination we saw that everyone else in the surrounding area had the same thought that day.


The raspberry patches had been closed for the day and the line for the donuts was long. Of course no line was too long for those donuts.We did some apple cider sampling, tasted the different varieties of apples they offered and ate some Smokey Joe's BBQ (Bret really enjoyed the raspberry chipotle BBQ sauce).After eating a couple dozen of the mini donuts we headed to the local park to enjoy the fresh mountain air and get some wiggles out.While there Bret and Aaron (his friend since they were kids) got in touch with the child inside...We love living so close to the mountains and the beach. Last weekend we went to up the mountains, this weekend we're headed to the beach. We are lucky indeed.


Meg said...

my love for donuts runs deep. I need to know where this place is for next time we are in Ca! email me! I must go there.

{Erica} said...

Meg - Here's the link. Their donuts were featured on the travel channel and the food channel.


The Perry Family said...

I'm loving that they had Arkansas Apples! :)

Meg said...

Oh my gosh. I will die if I don't get a mini donut in my face asap. I've been craving them since yesterday. Thanks for the link!

Meg said...

I've got to take my family there. We were in Oak Glenn the other day for a preschool field trip but I didn't know about this place. We live in Redlands, so super close. Thanks!