Sunday, October 30, 2011

{Sunday Photographs - All dressed up}

Technically these pictures were taken last night...oh well.We let the girls have 100% say in what their costumes were this year. They really got into playing the part of a witch...cackles and all.

I got the idea for the hobo costume from Pinterest (love that site). Jonas got lots of giggles and attention at the trunk-or-treat party.

We had Ella snap a few pictures of Bret and I that evening. I have to say our costumes were super easy and we still felt like we dressed up to the girls liking. Some day we know the kids will not think we're cool for dressing up but for now we are still earning cool parent it's fun.A few things I learned:
-facial hair is uncomfortable to wear(but I still like a man with a little scruff)
-I should wear my green eyeliner more often. I was reminded how much I like it when putting it on the girls.
-The green eye liner is true to the "24/7" that stuff is hard to get off!
-The amount of candy my kids already have is ridiculous. We are SO buying back their candy again this year!

Tonight we carve pumpkins and roast some seeds.


Mama bear said...

I saw that costume on Pinterest as well but your sons came out WAY cuter! Looks like you guys had a great time :)!

Melia said...

You did an amazing job with your costumes! The girls look like they loved theirs and Jonas looks adorable. Love the pics!

Lauren Smith said...

That hobo costume is the best thing of my life. Sounds like an awesome halloween.

Unknown said...

first off, yay! i can comment again:) second, your kids costumes (and yours & bret's) were too cool! its amazing how much mailee looks like your mom. love ella's "serious/mean" witch face:)

mpatterson said...

oops! the above comment was mine:)

Lisa and Rustin said...

So SO cute! Love the 'stache and little man's scruff!

jessie said...

you guys are awesome! you all look so good, but jonas is killing me! I would take him home, put him to work, and give him all the candy in the world! :)

happy halloween. :)

Jennilyn said...

Love all your costumes! The girls look so cute! I feel the same way about embarrassing my kids when they are older. I hope we can dress up forever! I love to dress up! Have a Happy Halloween!

Sarah said...

I love it! You guys all look awesome. The girls witch costumes are awesome and I love the liner you put on them! Anna would think that was the coolest. Jonas is beyond adorable and you and Bret look awesome. I love that you guys dress up too, so much. What a fun Halloween!