Sunday, October 16, 2011

{Sunday Photographs - 35}

Tonight on our evening walk I got bit by a mosquito four times! It's October and this is the first time I've been bitten this year. Hmmm....

Saw Footloose, liked the original better.

We were sad to say goodbye to my brother and sister-in-law this morning. They came down and helped lay sprinklers in our backyard (YAY!). It was so much fun getting to know Cari (sister-in-law) a bit more and spending time with both of them.

I'm looking forward to finishing up the editing for all the Iowa sessions I've been doing. (If you're one of my clients who have been notified their pictures are done and waiting for discs they are going out in the mail tomorrow. My apologies for getting them out later then expected...I sometimes forget that I have the whole wife and mother thing going on as well as church duties and board duties and set unrealistic deadlines for myself).

69 days until Christmas. What?!

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