Monday, October 17, 2011

{No. 158 - Reader request}

Today's MPM is in response to an email I received from Amelia:

"I love Target and always find myself spending way too much when I go in to visit. Usually the money is spent on home items or clothes for my kids. I've never really looked too hard at the adult clothing they offer.

I know you've mentioned your love for Target before and thought I would email you to see what sort of things you have found that you love at Target. I really love your style and taste and would love it if you could show me some things you like there"

Amelia, I would love to show you some of my current favorites at one of my favorite stores.1.Have you seen the new dresses that were just released? They are so new they don't have images availible to enlarge and see details.

I looked for these dresses when I was there this past weekend and couldn't find them in stores yet either.

I caved and bought the yellow one (hello pockets!) online instead of waiting because I have a feeling these will sell out fast! Such a classic dress in beautiful bright colors. I just might have to buy the crab apple red one as well.

2.Just bought this tripod lamp for our front room. Love the way it looks. It's a light and decorative as well.

3.I love the shoes they have at Target, although not all the time. I think, for me, it's hit or miss most times, but when they are on...they are spot on.

These basic wedges would look so cute with your high waist skirts and flare jeans this season.

Add a little bit of sparkle and metallic tones to your outfit with these super cute and comfortable flats.

4.Two shirts I've recently purchased while there. The first, a plaid boyfriend style shirt provides comfort and style this Fall season. This shirt comes in a lot of different colors.

The navy printed shirt is oh so flattering. The ruching is placed in a great spot where it doesn't make you look like you're expecting and the design itself makes it look super put together. I could see this used for family pictures.

5.Love this gold chain bracelet. Simple but statement making as well.

6.My favorite home line at Target is the Dwell Studio line. From their kitchen accessories to their bedding to their baby clothing and now their books I love it all.

The colors and the pictures used in their board books will appeal to both baby and reader.


McKelle said...

I have the sparkly shoes, and they are super comfy. I wear them a lot.

Krista Hansen said...

Target is great and it's nice to see what you currently like there. You DO have great style!