Monday, October 10, 2011

{No. 157}

1.This feminine blouse would work year round. Throw a blazer on over it or a cute mustard cardigan for the cooler months.

2.I love necklaces that make a statement or that can make an outfit out of a plain tee and pants. I've had my eye on this necklace for a while now and just might have to indulge and make the purchase.

3.I got some candy eyes and can't wait to make monster cupcakes or cookies with them. Should be a fun Family Home Evening.

4.The color of these shoes and the bow make this shoe a winner in my shoe loving book. Hopefully Santa knows to check my Pinterest account for gift ideas this year. (Check out the shoes, style and accessories board Santa).

5.Love this sweatshirt but not sure about the color for me. I think it would be pretty easy to add the lace details on a different color sweatshirt.

6.I can't tell you how much I've been loving my high-waisted flare jeans. I've got three pairs in different washes and love them. they are flattering, comfortable and no need to worry about showing too much when bending over. Love them!

I actually got my pairs from Old Navy. I bought one and was skeptical about the fit and quality but have been pleasantly surprised.

7.Super exited to be reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley for book club this month. It's a classic and perfect reading for this month. The other two books included are also on my list to read this month.

**All items listed above can be found on my Pinterest boards**


Melia said...

I had pants like that when I was 5! You know, like in the 70's. So glad that it isn't fashionable to be showing so much, but I don't think I could stand to be that retro.

You do find the cutest things though. I find myself opening up to much more because of your posts. Love ya!

{Erica} said...

Melia - I'd rather the 70's then this whole "bring back the 80's and early 90's" crap that I'm seeing!!!

You must've been quite the fashionable 5 year old :) The jeans remind me of the ones that Janet is wearing in one of the pictures that used to be at Grandma's house...with her dancing on the table. I've always loved her outfit in that picture :) I am a mid-century(ish) girl!