Monday, October 03, 2011

{No. 156}

1.I keep going back to this top and swooning. The details and the color are so pretty. I know the price is pretty high but this would be a classic piece that is high quality.

I'd rather build a wardrobe slowly with pieces that last long and aren't overly trendy then have a closet full of cheaply made clothes that unravel or fit weird after a few washes.

2.These brown pointy toe flats are so cute! I love the detail and the color. The rain ballet flats are cute and efficient.

3.I love these Instax film albums. Currently all my pictures taken with the Instax are being collected on a glass tray...not a good idea. These albums would make it way easier to look and enjoy the pictures.

4.I love a pretty book, and I love Vampires (a guilty pleasure of mine). These classic Anne Rice books are all together in this collection. I would love to have this beautifully bound book to enjoy looking at...and reading.

5.I stopped by Sephora last week and found a new favorite nail polish. "My Personal Serpent", a dark teal color is a great color for Fall. I'm a dark polish sort of girl so when Fall hits the purples, dark teals, and dark greens are what I want on my hands.

6.Not a fan of feather extensions for anyone over the age of 18, however, I do love feather earrings. Pretty and feminine they go with pretty much any outfit.

7.Pencil skirts will never go out of style. This take on the classic pencil is beautiful. Black lace...what's more feminine then lace (with a splash of sexy)?

8.We are starting to keep our eyes out for things our kids would use and like for Christmas. This wooden doctor's kit is something they would love and it will last. A bonus for looks so much better than the primary colored plastic doctor kits out there!

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jessie said...

Loving the shirt and rain flats. So fun.

ps. I totally have 2 small feathers in my hair....and I still FEEL like I am 18, so that's gotta count for something, right? Ha!

Heidi said...

Can you tell me where that black skirt is from?

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

Oh, I just looove those polishes - some of my favorite colors!!