Wednesday, October 19, 2011

{My Littles}

It's tradition, despite how they turn out, to get school pictures. Unnatural background, cheesy lighting and pictures are a must.

It's also tradition in our house to take pictures before the kids head out to school on school picture day...just to make sure at least one picture taken that day turns out.

While looking at these pictures I couldn't help but smile at each little one that I am so lucky to be a mom to.

They are unique and lovely. Oh how I love them so.Ella:
.currently reading Harry Potter and loves it
.enjoys playing soccer (3 cheers from her parents for this one!)
.very sensitive to others and tries her hardest at everything...even to a fault.
.loves music and danceMailee:
.such an expressive firecracker!
.loves soccer (yay!)
.loyal - totally someone you want in your corner and NOT against you!Of course we had to take a few snapshots of our little Squish who was my photo assistant. Ella took these pictures (notice they are should've seen the nice little mini mullet he had going on).

.Yes, he was made in California
.loves the beach
. says a lot of words now but "I love you" is still my favorite to hear
.makes great car and train noises


Lisa and Rustin said...

Your kids are just too darn beautiful!
Love that Made in CA shirt! Where ever did you get it?

{Erica} said...

Lisa - We got it at a Thalia surf shop in Laguna. We go there a lot and I'd be happy to get you one next time we are out there. Just let me know!

{Erica} said...

Or you can order it online...

Lisa and Rustin said...

Thanks! I'll order one!
We too recently got rid of a mullet over here, it just had to go! :)

derek+chelsea said...

i looked on and can't find the dresses! where can i find them?

{Erica} said...

Chelsea - they must've sold out. They were online in all colors on Saturday when I ordered them. I hope they get more in. Check your local stores....

{Erica} said...

just checked online for you to be sure...and it shows both dresses but they are both sold out! WOAH! that was fast!