Monday, October 31, 2011


MaileeEllaErica - ElvisBret - Napoleon DynamiteThe kids and I cleaned out the seeds and goop (Jonas just threw the stuff around the table and made gagging noises as he did it), then we poked holes for the designs and prepped for Bret. The kids were done by that point, which is usually the case, and so Bret and I cut their pumpkins.

By that time it was time for baths and bed so we sang a few Halloween songs and put them to bed.

Then it was time to get down with our pumpkin designs. Okay...who am I kidding? Bret carved our two pumpkins like he usually does every year. He's got those surgery skilled hands and it totally shows when he's carving. Good thing he really enjoys doing it.

I cheered him on and watched "So I Married an Axe Murderer"...just like I do every year. I don't want to break tradition and actually help carve.

Happy Halloween! Scroll down or click {HERE} to see our costumes for this year.


{natalie} said...

I love so I married an axe murderer. I forgot all about that movie. Your pumpkins turned out great. Good job Bret.

jessie said...

so i married an axe murderer is the best! we quote it all the time!

those are some impressive carving skills by the way!

Sarah said...

I always make Christian carve the pumpkins, too :) We draw the faces and he carves them out. I'm totally with you on not breaking tradition! :)

Just Rhonda said...

loooove so i married an ax murderer! sooooo I am wondering about the proclamation to the family you have hanging above your piano! Did you buy it somewhere? Did you make it?? I'd love to buy one and hang it in my house!