Friday, October 07, 2011


1.The pictures of flowers, hearts and family portraits have been temporarily replaced by all things creepy. The girls spent last night making paper puppets and put on an impromptu puppet show behind the couch for us about a Monster Mash party.

There were some entertaining ad-libs but for the most part I kinda found myself wishing I could be catching up on Survivor.'s the truth, sometimes I zone my kids out.

2.I have decided that figuring out what to have everyone wear for family pictures is hard. I want a good balance of colors, classics and a bit of trend. I can't tell you how many outfit boards I've put together in Photoshop.

3.Jonas is cutting his molars. When I give him string cheese he stuffs the whole thing in his mouth because it hurts to bite a chunk off. He then proceeds to spit out half chewed cheese all over the couch and himself. Why do I keep giving it to him?

4.I'm 30 and occasionally still get acne like I'm 15! What's up with that? A break out at least once a month (ahem) totally sucks rocks.

5.Yesterday it was 58, this weekend and early next week is supposed to be in the 90's. Really?! Although I want it to be Fall feeling around here, it means it will be nice weather for company coming next week. Beach trip!

6.Jonas seems to eat better if I turn on the song "Tokyo" by Imagine Dragons. He has good taste in music.

7.I purchased some nude pumps with a nude velvet bow on the heel. I wasn't sure if the color would blend too much into my skin tone (during the Winter months) but surprisingly they are as flattering as what the fashionista's out there are saying. Do you do nude?

8.Today is brown day at school. Ella wasn't sure if she had anything brown to wear but informed me that her hair and skin were brown so that totally counts. Glad to see she is claiming her "brown side" since before she would say her skin was gray (?).

9.Browsing Pinterest isn't as much fun when you're on a sugar fast. It seems like everyone is pinning some sort of S'mores treat or delicious dessert that I can't have.

I'm trying to tell myself that I can pretend by just looking at the delicious pictures (when you post about food it's all about the pictures) that I'm eating it right then, but so far it's not working too well.

10.Caught up on a new favorite Fall show, The New Girl. The one liners were hilarious. I love Zooey Deschanel.

Happy weekend!


moo said...

For a second I thought you had "nude pimps"...

lyn. said...

I always thought that my complexion problems would be over when I hit 20, but, alas, here I am at 61 and I still get zits regularly... :-/

The upside is that because I have oily skin, I don't have wrinkles, and look a lot younger than I am!! :-D

So, my advise is look ahead an don't worry so much about the blemishes...

Meg said...

1)I bought my first pair of heels with Hayley today. I feel like such a grown up....and a new addiction might have just been born. I tried on a few pairs of nude heels, and they look like poop against my albino skin. Nude=fab for the tan and darker, but total sadness for an ultra whitey like me! A ruffle on the heel sounds totally cute.

2)A sugar fast sounds like what they do in Hell.

3)zooey deschanel! love her.

[Morgan] said...

i love zooey deschanel! seriously.

those halloween decorations made by your girls are so awesome.