Sunday, September 18, 2011

{Sunday Photographs - 32}

Today I almost forgot to take our Sunday picture. Bret reminded me as we were cleaning up after dinner and getting ready to go for our Sunday evening walk.

Honestly, I had no desire to try and gather the kids and attempt to get a picture of Jonas sitting still...he's at that age where photos are difficult to do because he just won't sit still.

I had decided to just scrap the photo but knew I would be sad that I didn't do it late. So quickly we put the kids on the stairs and snapped a shot.

Jonas has tears in his eyes and his new straw sippy cup close by (he loves that thing). Mailee and Ella just want to get back to making shadow puppets on the wall and showing each other their shuffling (aka the running man and the charleston).

I took two pictures and then set them free. I like the ones where they are doing their own thing much better than the posed stair picture...but I will always take a natural captured photo over a posed one any day.

Look at Mr. Squish in the background trying to get a turn at pushing the doll and stroller before his sisters notice.

Check out the dancing divas who are totally into shuffling. This song is on at least three or four times a day at our house.

Is there anything cuter than watching a toddler dance? I think not.


Jennilyn said...

Ella is looking really tall, or is it just the angle? Looking cute as ever!

k. novella said...

gorgeous black and whites erica! i also LOVE the growth chart.
♥ kristen h.

{natalie} said...

the dancing is so awesome. and thanks for linking the video. each of the kids watched it about 10 times.

we love a good dance party around here.

ps. i bought that growth chart. i decided i will mark it on the first day of school each year.