Sunday, September 11, 2011

{Sunday Photographs -31}

{Minutes before heading to church}

Today, like most, my thoughts are filled with memories of the events that took place this day a decade ago.

We were newly weds, married for about 2 weeks, filled with hope of our newly established life and future and planning great things for us.

Little did we know that all our life plans and future plans would forever be affected due to the catastrophic events that took place on September 11, 2001.

I remember a lot of things that day but what I felt most urgently was to be near my family. To be surrounded by those that I loved.

Today, looking at the picture of my three Littles, I was overcome with feelings of love and that urgency to be near them and to love them.

When we explained to the girls about what this day means to our country it was touching to see their innocent faces distort in surprise and awe, their little minds not able to comprehend how someone could willingly hurt so many people. They expressed feelings of fear and wanted validation that they were safe.

I wonder what kind of world my Littles will contribute to? As we are still affected daily with what happened ten years ago, I can only hope that my children will know they are loved and share that love with others, making the world they live in better.

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