Sunday, September 04, 2011

{Sunday Photographs - 30}

We feed our Church's missionaries and see them a lot. Since we've been married we've been really involved with the missionaries and have really enjoyed having them in our home.

This evening on our walk it was perfect. A cooler breeze decided to come along on the walk with us and made it so enjoyable.

The evenings are darkening earlier now. Soon it will be dark before Bret walks in from a long day at work. Those "dark days" are not my favorite but I am looking forward to cooler days.

Bret is on call and currently at the hospital caring for a turtle who's head is full of maggots, a dog in heart failure, a seizing cat and another turtle.

There is no school tomorrow (we love holidays) so the kids are still up, watching a movie with some popcorn.

I have declared it a no bath night...I'm the only one here that is happy with that. I'm okay with that.


Kalli said...

don't you ever tell me about turtles with heads full of maggots again or I might virtual barf all over this place

Debbi said...

Jonas has the best smile ever. I seriously think that every time you post pictures of him.

really - a turtle? haha! Wade sees maggots in people's feet all the time. GROSS!

hope he comes home soon:) have a happy monday!

Rochelle said...

Love this! We feed our missionaries once a week and I love those nights! It's so nice to have the spirit in our home so strongly in the middle of the week.

All of us, but mostly Heidi said...

I guess some people, on occasion, have a no-bath night. In our house we have, on occasion, a bath night. If I'm going to feel sorry for the teacher the next day or if the next day is church, then that night is a bath night.

Love the missionary pic!

McKelle said...

Missionaries get fed so much in the states it's crazy! On my mission we were lucky to be invited to eat once a month.