Thursday, September 01, 2011


We love our Outback. I am surprised how much I have come to love this car. It's spacious and drives well.

Did you know you can go onto Subaru's website and get a badge of ownership for your car for free? Such a smart marketing tool!

Thanks to Natalie for bringing it to our attention.

Now that I'm aware of the badges it seems that I see them everywhere! If you love your Subaru as much as we do head on over {HERE} and get your badge of ownership too.

How's that for an impersonal post?

To make it more personal I will tell you that this morning I yelled at both the girls during breakfast. These days they just bicker and intentionally try and make the other bugged. I guess I had enough this morning and let them know. Such a great way to start the day...some waffles and a dose of crazy mom. Guess I better get off this and try and salvage the morning before heading off to school...


Anne-Marie said...

Don't worry about this morning. All I fell like doing right now is cry. We all have those days. Feel free to call anytime! I take complaints and give sympathy for free :)

Dari said...

We love our Subaru, I may need to get one of these. Thanks for sharing.