Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I consider myself to be an intelligent person. Why then is it so difficult for me to explain to my 2nd grader what a "near double" is or "how to make ten" in a way that won't confuse her??!?

I know what the concept is that the teacher wants them to learn. I know the answer. I just don't know how to explain it to her correctly. Isn't that what teachers are for?

I also struggle to know exactly how the concept is being taught at school. What if I totally confuse my child by teaching her a completely different way then the teacher is teaching at school?

Anyone else out there with me on this? I am also looking for some good online sources for definitions and ways to explain concepts to elementary school age kids. HELP!


Anne-Marie said...

I absolutely could NOT figure out how to explain to Brooklyn the difference between odds and evens last year. I HATE math homework, even though I don't mind math myself. Ugh.

Amy said...

As a mother and former kindergarten teacher, I think it is important that whatever way helps your own child to understand a concept is the right way for them. It doesn't matter if the teacher explains it a different way. Kids learn through so many various ways and the teacher may not be using the one for your child. I remember when I was in elementary school and the teacher was teaching the signs for less than and greater than. The way she was doing it, it just wasn't clicking for me. I went home so frustrated and my mom used the pacman mouth analogy. Click! It totally helped me! I got it right away! I am so glad that my mom knew me and taught me in a way that I could understand and didn't worry too much about if it was the way we were learning at school.

So, good for you for trying to help your kids understand. Thank goodness there are so many resources online. Also, don't be afraid to ask your child's teacher about anything. They are there to help.

emily kate said...

I'm sure you're doing a fine job. But if you're really concerned, I'd ask the teacher how she's explaining concepts so you can do it that way at home. (This is coming from a former 2nd grade teacher!)

karen and cameron said...

COMPLETELY with you on this. I was trying to explain a math problem to my 3rd grader the other day, and I could see he was just getting more confused. I even said, "didnt your teacher explain this to you?! It seems to me that their job is to teach and ours is to reinforce...but a lot of times I feel like the one doing the teaching. Or, maybe they're just not paying attention! Who knows!