Friday, September 02, 2011

{Farewell Summer}

This is how we feel about Summer coming to an end (although here in Southern California the perfect months with awesome weather are just beginning...Hello September and October).Yes we will still be going to the beach and temperatures will be in the 90's for a bit longer but Fall football has started, Fall clothes are out in stores and I'M READY FOR FALL!

The evenings have started to cool down a bit so most of our time is spent outdoors. Last night was no exception.

Jonas felt like doing a little gutter fishing and dropping rocks into the sewer:The girls decided to hunt for evidence of fairies around the yard, stopping to pose for one quick picture:Bret got in some riding time on his new bike (one of his anniversary presents). I dig the colors, and luckily so does he. Thanks to all who gave me input and helped with bike info.I snapped pictures and then relaxed on the grass with my book.Oh how we have loved our Summer evenings. Oh how we have loved our Summer!

Fall has a lot to live up to. Bring it Fall!


{natalie} said...

bret's bike is cool.

i am ready for fall but it is still hot here. the mornings and nights are cooling off though so that's good. have a fun weekend.

William said...

Glad to see Bret wearing the Family t-shirt!!! And Jonas iss gonna catch a gutter-fish soon with his awesome technique! Wish you were....more than you can imagine!!!

Love ya,


Courtney said...

I'm ready for fall but mainly because it's my last semester in school and soon I will be back in my own home with my main man enjoying the "jacket" weather of winter! (Sigh!) Love you and miss you like crazy!

moo said...

I totally gave the girls the idea of looking for evidence of fairies when we went on our walk on sunday. lol. Glad they enjoyed it enough to continue it on their own!