Thursday, August 04, 2011

{To watch}

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Have you been watching Shark Week? Our DVR is full of shark shows. Bret and I like to do our commentary in an Australian accent - "Woah, that's a rally bag Marko Shak!" - while watching the shows.

We dig Shark Week.

Something else we are planning to watch is the new Winnie the Pooh flick. I'm not a huge fan of Pooh paraphernalia (he,he)in general but I did grow up on the classic movies of this honey loving bear and find my kids taking to him as well, especially Jonas. Whenever he sees any previews of the movie he freezes, eyes glued to the screen.

Zooey Dechanel is on the soundtrack and who doesn't love her? She's a style and hair icon for me personally and I love all the movies she's been in.
Winnie the Pooh has nothing on this chubby little bear!
Looks like someone needs some honey!


{natalie} said...

i usually hate winnie the pooh. especially on clothes, accesories, etc. but the movie looks cute. and i like zooey too. i like her style.

Sol said...

aww poor little guy. I just want to give him a huge hug in the last picture

Melia said...

I haven't seen the new movie, but I heard that it is only 1 hour which should be great for a little one.

Melissa said...

My kids adored the movie. I think winnie the pooh is the essence of purity and childhood and is just so sweet. The movie was cute, full of fun and great music. We "Spotified" the soundtrack to the movie to check it out, and it is so great! A five star movie...or maybe a five honey pot movie....for kids!