Sunday, August 21, 2011

{Sunday Photographs - 29}

+Watching Bret and Ella play Harry Potter during nap time, while I played Plants vs Zombies. Not my ideal Sunday past time but sometimes a little gaming is needed.

+A post naptime game of Dora on the Wii was requested by the littles.

+Had the missionaries over for dinner. We see the missionaries once a week and feed them at least twice a month. We love the missionaries.

+Our evening walk with friends was pleasant, as it always is. I really enjoy our Sunday walks.

+Listening to the kids interact with Bret while he does baths. Bret and I both agree that for some reason the kids listen better to me (they are more afraid of me then they are of Bret, and I'm okay with that).

+As I type I'm enjoying a tall glass of ice cold water and a handful of raw almonds. Yum. Bret is having a root beer float.

+After I post this I will look at our week and see what needs to be done, signed, returned, purchased, cleaned, read, etc. I'm a list maker...yes...I sure am.


A Different Drum said...

Just one question...was your ice water in a glass cup or a plastic cup?
Happy Sunday! Your kids are adorable! Miss you guys!

{natalie} said...

cute pics. i love jonas' star wars shirt.

i am a list maker as well and would probably be lost w/o them.

Jo(ke) said...

I love this idea, taking Sunday pictures of your kids. I want to remember it for when I have kids. Maybe I should pin it? :) Also a list maker here.