Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{Off They Go}

The first day of school went off without a hitch. The girls fell in love with school just as I hoped and, though I was busy, I was able to accomplish quite a lot with only Jonas in tow.

The front door was blasted with morning sun so we opted for some back door first day of school pictures.
A few bits of conversation going on this morning:

Ella: "Mailee the first little bit you will know everything because you're such a smarty but soon you'll be learning new things and your brain will grow"

Mailee: "Ella, I'll do this to you (makes the "I Love You" sign) and if you see me you do it back okay?

Mailee: "Mom will you be okay with just Jonas at home? I will be back super fast everyday okay?"
It took a lot of restrain on my part, but I let both girls choose what they wanted to wear for their first day.

Mailee ignored the less than subtle suggestions by me to wear something else out of her new clothes pile, or at least change her shoes to something that goes with her dress better, but she wouldn't budge. A side ponytail and two barrettes that color coordinated with her shoes were also a must.

Ella couldn't decide between a skirt and her flamingo-wearing-high-tops shirt or her giraffe shirt with a glitter bow tie and some capris. She opted for the giraffe and informed me so felt FABULOUS.Ella to Mailee while getting ready for first day of school:

Ella: "Mailee you want to look cute but still be comfortable and never let the boys see your underwear".

Mailee: "I know! I'm a Rockstar!"
After recording a first day of school interview with each, we headed off to school.On the way out to the car:

Ella: "Let's do this!!!"

Mailee: "Totally!"
Ella was excited to have her best friend Grace in her class this year.Mailee was so ready to start school. She's been waiting for this day for two years now. She was so brave and so confident, and even saw a few kids in Kindergarten she knew already.I don't know why I worried for spitfire child. Her confidence astounded me.

There was however a moment that I am so glad I was able to capture. My little Mailee did get a bit hesitant for a moment and looked back, gifting me with her signature unsure look.

The insecurity was but a moment before she composed herself again and spoke the National Anthem quite loud and proud.I wasn't sad to send them off again. They love learning and school and that is what we want for them.

I suppose it's time to start making a list of things to do with my little man each day. It's just me and him for the next four years...


Cassie and Mitch said...

cute girls! They are growing up so quickly!

Sarie said...

Erica, I loved this post. Beautiful! And I think I want to steal your idea and record interviews with them too (that means I'll have to wake up even earlier!). I love the photos and I can see the excitement in their eyes. I feel like I walked your girls to school too! Love it. Mine go next wk.

Cristy said...

I can't believe you guys have started school! We have three whole weeks left of summer here (I'm have to admit I am really ready for school to start though...) The girls look adorable and I'm so glad they are off to a good start. Hugs for each of them!

allison said...

I can't believe Mailee is in Kindergarten!
The girls both look so cute.

{natalie} said...

is mailee in full day kindergarten? that is awesome that they are loving it already. kade starts tomorrow and add starts next monday. here we go....

{natalie} said...

ps way to let them pick their own clothes!

Sarah said...

So cute! They both look adorable and so happy. I'm so glad that it's going so well already! I love the outfits they picked out. My girls are picking their own out too and it is taking so much for me to restrain and just let them do it. Thanks for giving me another push to hold strong! :)

Also, I LOVE the family dinner and your theme for the year. You are a fantastic mom. Fantastic! :) Love you!

Rochelle said...

I love this post. You are such an adorable mom. I learn so much from you through your blog.

I have a favor... will you post a school lunch tutorial? What do your girls love? I'm stumped.

Miss you!