Thursday, August 18, 2011

{Mailee's 5th}

We managed to fit in a simple birthday party for Mailee with her friends. She wanted them to all sleepover but our rule is no sleepover's until you're 10.

I convinced Mailee that a pretend slumber party would be just as fun. Happy that she agreed to the pretend sleepover suggestion, she laid out in great detail how she wanted the party to go.Guests arrived in pajamas and games were played. Musical pillows (musical chairs), pillow fights, balloon games, Twister, and toilet paper mummy (it was too hot to go and toilet paper our house outside so we opted to toilet paper each other).The bowl of prizes, hand picked by Mailee, was empty by the end of the party.Nails were painted. Let me tell you how crazy it got painting nails in shifts and making sure they were dry. We had a group playing games and a group having their nails painted. Bret and I make a good tag team.For dinner the girls made mini pizzas. Bret and I laughed at how enamored the girls were with the mini pepperoni's. They kept proclaiming how cute they were over and over.A doughnut cake with sparklers was a must for sleepover themed party. Yummy for them, easy for me.Mailee said it was her best day ever - a phrase that is used pretty often around here, but I'll take it.I am very glad we chose to do simple parties this year for the girls. I might just have to continue on with this tradition...


Cassie and Mitch said...

such great pics! What a cutie! If you don't mind my asking what DSLR camera do you use. I love all of your pics and always have and I am looking into buying one. What would you reccommend?

Kalli said...

We did a donut cake for the Nub too, best.idea.ever.

I'm not sure we'll ever do traditional birthday cake ever again.

Word Verif: licke


Jessica Newman said...

These pictures are so adorable! You have the best ideas. I love the cake!

{natalie} said...

I love this party. We did donuts too for Add and she loved it. Simple parties are the way to go (in my opinion) I think to attend the fancy ones but I suck at throwing them
. Happy bday to your big 5 yr old!

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Sarah said...

What a perfect party! My girls would have LOVED to be there. It looks like a complete success. Also, can you believe that I'm entertaining the idea of no sleepovers? I never thought I would. So I am all about the fake sleepover party! :)