Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{Little Ladybug}

After 2 years of waiting (impatiently) and watching Ella play, Mailee started her first year of AYSO soccer.Even with the 100+ weather we had on Saturday, Mailee was all smiles the whole game and could be heard giggling as she passed by us on the sideline. She ended up with three goals, one for the other team and one for us. Go Mailee!Ella was such an awesome big sister cheering for her (extra loud and loooong) and giving her water and tips during quarters and half time.

To see both kids enjoy a sport that both Bret and I love and play is just so satisfying!

Go Ladybugs!!

I didn't take any pictures of Ella's game. It was mid day and bad lighting but I also had a grouchy teething boy who was hot and done with being at the soccer fields for the day on my hip.

I'll for sure post pictures of Miss Ella and of course her super rad Coaches
(Bret and a good friend) soon.


William said...

Awesome! She reminds me sooo much of you. Glad the kids are playing sports. NExt one will probably be basketball and track like you did.

Jennilyn said...

So cute! She looks so big, Brooklyn started soccer this year. so fun