Tuesday, August 02, 2011

{Her day}

+Waffles on the "You Are Special" plate, with a glittery birthday banner behind.
+Deciding on the perfect shade of purple frosting.
+Licking the beaters.
+Adding the decorative boarders (with a bit of my help) and the dots.
+Eating more frosting+Lunch of Mailee's choice - turkey sandwiches cut out in little people shapes, grapes, gogurt and Veggie Straws.
+A movie date with Ella and Mom to see Smurfs. Ella paid for Mailee's birthday present.
+Phone calls from family and friends
+No nap+Dinner at Ruby's Diner - Mai's choice and favorite place to eat.
+Birthday money counted and recounted and almost lost.
+Birthday song, candles and sparkler
+Birthday cake devoured (a piece saved for breakfast this morning)+Birthday interview conducted and recorded.
+Last and best present given
+Family bike ride
+A birthday blessing administered by Bret.
+One happy birthday girl.


Heather said...

She is SO darling! And that cake is adorable! I love the color!

Tell me more about your birthday interviews recorded! I love the idea of that!

brittany said...

I love her face in the new bike picture. 5 is such a fun birthday. Sounds like you guys had a great day. She is adorable!

Sol said...

Looks like she really loves her bike!

{natalie} said...

is she excited for kindergarten?? she looks so great with the bike. yay for family bike rides. happy birthday mailee!!