Thursday, August 25, 2011


Today Bret and I celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary! A decade together. All of my 20's spent with this man...the best way to spend my 20's without a doubt.
A few pictures taken this morning to document today.
This morning I was presented with a tin box (metal = ten years) tied in a bow with suturing string (yes you read that right - I loved that he wrapped with that!).

Inside was some of my favorite perfume and a red leather jewelry case. A letter was on top with instructions to read first.

I will only share an excerpt:

"The necklace I designed has ten circles, one for each year we have been together. They are circles because there is no beginning or end. I look at us and that is what I see.

One diamond for each shining star you have brought into my life and given me.

The black pearl is because you are the most precious pearl in my life. You're beautiful and perfect like this pearl."

What an amazing man I married!! I love him for putting true effort and thought into my gift and love the pendant he designed.

He's a keeper for sure!


Sol said...

what a beautiful note and gift.

Happy Anniversary. I hope you have a lovely day

Cristy said...

Happy Anniversary you love birds! I really admire how you guys seem to keep the fun of newly weds always present in your marriage. And Bret, you are amazing! Keeper for sure!

Heather said...

Holy crap! That gift is amazeballs. The idea of a man being that thoughtful and romantic kind of blows my mind. Happy anniversary!

Anne-Marie said...

What? We don't get to see the necklace? I love it! Congrats, you guys! I hope you get to do something more fun than get shots at the pediatrician! :)

{natalie} said...

yeah, where is the pic of the necklace? how awesome that he designed it and put so much thought into it.

William said...

A great day for all of us! Our first child married.....and you picked a great husband. Of course we had to approve (some day we should share that with others...Bret was a good sport!!!). Love ya. Dad

mary elizabeth said...

happy anniversary! and what a special gift! good job bret!

Mayday said...

Congrats, that is huge!

Sarah said...

Happy anniversary!! I love Bret's gift. Love, love, love it. You definitely got a good one. Both of you :)

Yay for 10 wonderful years and many, many more to come!