Friday, July 15, 2011

{Summer Service}

I'm pretty sure I'm going to sound "old" here. Even the fact that I don't care that I run the risk of sounding old makes me sound old...but it's true, I don't care.

Anyone get the sense that the younger generations are feeling like they are entitled to everything they want without having to work hard for it? I observe how so many of them don't know how to work hard for things and it makes me sad for them. It also makes me more determined to teach my kids how to work hard and how to serve others and be a little less selfish.This Summer we've been trying to really focus on serving and working hard for things. It's a huge concept to try and teach in a simple way that little ones can understand.Incorporating the weekly summer service slips is one way we're trying to work on these two goals.Yesterday the slip said "weed the front, help Dad with yard work and sweep driveway". I wasn't surprised when their faces were filled with less than excitement for the task at hand, but they did it and actually had a good time doing it.I think they are starting to understand what we're teaching them. The girls were so proud of their work and told us they couldn't wait to do it again. It's always a good feeling to see what you are trying to teach is accepted and understood.
Or so I thought...until I was humbled (it's a daily occurrence here) when I told the girls I was excited for next week's service project and received a few groans and requests of being rewarded (when we just tried to teach them to serve without expecting anything in return!) with a visit to the local frozen yogurt place or the Dollar store.'s a work in progress.

Happy weekend!


{natalie} said...

i often wonder if i am teaching anything to my kids. it is overwhelming at times. good job on having a teaching moment.

kristen said...

yes! yes! yes! my kids might think i am the meanest 'slave driver' mom ever but i know they are gaining from this. when their friends are swimming and playing video games, they are helping clean the yard and doing their chores. it's a fact of life! being a part of a family means you help out. period.

banananutmeg said...

oooh I love this. Listening to my nephew gripe about having to use a wetsuit that was a hand me down of his older brother's from last summer really got me steamed. Um, first of all, you are 9 and you OWN a wetsuit. to wear when you go wakeboarding. on your boat. during your vacation on lake powell. really buddy? It's ok if the wetsuit has been "used". 9 yrs old and the sense of entitlement is unreal.
If I fail to teach my children to love God, know how to work, recognize blessings, or express gratitude, then I will have failed as a mother.

jessie said...

love it!

sadly I can think of a few grown ups that feel they are entitled to everything they want without having to work for it.

i pray that grant and iI can teach them otherwise.