Thursday, July 07, 2011

{Summer Checklist - Ice Cream Man}

What's Summer without a visit from the ice cream man?

I have fond childhood memories of getting a cool refreshment from our town's ice cream man. To this day I still smile when I hear the music playing in our neighborhood.

My favorite treat to get from the ice cream man was a Fudgesicle, with the red and yellow Big Stick popsicle at a close second.

Lately the ice cream man has been driving around our block around the time we finish with dinner. After a few nights of begging from the girls, they finally ate all their dinner and were able to flag the ice cream man down.

It was like Christmas. Totally worth the $3 spent on a Dora head ice cream bar (which looked so unappetizing) and cookie ice cream sandwich.

Next time you hear the somewhat creepy sound of the ice cream truck's music coming around your block, give in, rush out and call him over. The reward of nostalgia and the smile on your kids faces will be worth it.


{natalie} said...

we've gotten that dora head too and it's creepy. my kids loves it when the icecream truck rolls threw the neighborhood. we haven't seen him yet this summer.

ps your neighborhood looks really nice.

McKelle said...

You guys are nice parents. I have never liked the ice cream truck. Even as a little girl I got the creeps from the whole idea. I try to distract my kids whenever I hear the creepy music.

jessie said...

Okay, that is the coolest ice cream truck I have ever seen! I'm gonna get pictures of Crew in front of the ice cream truck/van just to prove to you how ghetto ours are. Ha!

ps. The silhouettes in Disney are just in the shops on the right hand side when your first walking in. Go get your kids done, they are so fun.

Sarah said...

Your ice cream truck is way less ghetto and creepy than the ones I've seen around here. I don't think I've ever seen one in our neighborhood, just when we're out at parks and stuff. My kids would die from joy if I actually let them get a treat. You have inspired me to consider being a nicer mom :)