Friday, July 22, 2011

{A celebration for a 7 year old}

We only do big invite-everyone-you-know-and-have-a-cute-theme-with-cute-decorations-and-invitations when I have the time, desire and patience.

This means that usually my kids birthday celebrations are pretty simple when it comes to celebrating with friends and filled with yearly traditions when it comes to celebrating with family.

Simple is the way I like it. Don't get me wrong, I adore a good theme, well planned and executed party and stand in awe whenever I see one online or attend one personally... I just don't have the desire to do one myself every year.Ella had a few friends over for a little birthday celebration yesterday. I asked Ella what she wanted to do and that's exactly what we did.Friendship bracelets were made and traded. Attempting to teach the girls how to do a simple braid was a challenge but in the end their bracelets turned out cute, though I had to resist the urge to take over and help them.

I spent last night making a few myself. I've been wanting to make more chevron styled friendship bracelets. Making them was so crocheting or coloring.Nails were painted and glittered while listening to Ella music mix which she gave to each girl at the party.

Goodies such as Lipsmackers, bracelets, nail polish, candy and stencils (all hand picked by Ella) were provided.Candles were blown out, a birthday song sung, and the birthday cake request granted (one white layer, one pink layer with yellow frosting and pink flowers if you please).A little serenade going on while enjoying the yummy cake is always entertaining.

My husband is rad.Presents were opened. My favorite shot of the day was Ella's face when she opened the cards and found money from Meme and Papop and from us.Birthday wishes were written and released.A little Wii time...playing Ella's new game Just Dance 2 was the final request by the birthday girl.

All of Ella's wishes for the day were fulfilled down to the servers at the restaurant singing to her and doing a little shopping with her birthday money at her two favorite stores Target and Michaels.

That night, after receiving a birthday blessing from Bret and enjoying the "Happy Birthday" song one last time, she gave each family member a hug and told us it was the best day ever.

Mission accomplished.

Two birthdays more to go.


Sol said...

Ella looks super pleased with all her cash!

The cake looks amazing. What a lovely party

banananutmeg said...

a birthday blessing-I love that

Stephanie said...

It looks like she had a great day. :-) What size is the cake pan and where did you find it? Thanks!

KC and DL said...

I think it was perfect. The girls loved it, it's fun to see the pics.

Chris Tani and Princess Brielle said...

Erica, I thought I should tell you I follow your blog, and I love it! I wonder if you remember me? Anyway, your photography is amazing, and it inspires me.

Melanie said...

I don't think it is good for kids to get over the top celebrations every year. I think you are a good mom for tempering expectations and entitlement by keeping some low-key.

Your cakes are always super impressive!!

tvmom said...

so cute, what a fun birthday! i just made a friendship bracelet with my son and it was just too complicated for him, but lots of fun for me!

Darcy and Shawn Patterson said...

Happy birthday to a beautiful little lady! I get that excited when I get money too! :)

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the info on the cake pans! I didn't even think to check Michael's. :-)