Friday, July 29, 2011


I wasn't going to blog today. I have too much to do and a busy weekend (couple of weeks?) to prepare for so I don't go crazy.

I made my list on my 3X5 card during breakfast, writing out the places to visit in order of distance and what we have to get there. I set aside an hour or so to finish up my sharing time lesson for church, some picture editing time, and even some free time to do some water balloons with the kids.

I was feeling pretty good about my list. Then Jonas woke up.

He was not himself yesterday and kept crying out throughout the night last night. Going in to get him from his crib this morning a little bit of blood was on his pillow. I checked his mouth and sure enough 3 molars were cutting their way through his gums.

My nice little 3X5 card with a list of things to get done today was now a thing of my list-loving past. His needs trump my own.

Instead of already out and about errand running, you will find me hugging on to a cuddly baby boy, holding onto his monkey that apparently I just can't put down or it's the end of the world, and being his own jungle gym.

Even these last 8 minutes while writing this post he is sitting on my lap, head tucked under my chin.

I did chance a few times of not giving him my full attention to do morning dishes and some other cleaning only to have a crying, drooling baby following me around the house.Thank heavens for children's Motrin and his John Deer vibrating corn or the whole day would be lost. Just waiting for the meds to kick in and then we're off to see how many places we can hit before he melts down into a teething beast.

Wish me luck!

p.s. never thought I would use the phrase "John Deer vibrating corn"...


Rochelle said...

I am in the exact same boat over here! Only it's the first teeth to come through... and the blood was coming from his ear. His older brother decided to clean out his ears with a q-tip and scraped the side of his ear canal a little too hard. Poor little guy... we're having some serious snuggle time though and it's great fun!

I think I need to invest in some of that magical corn!

Sara*P said...

I'm not sure I've ever laughed so hard at my computer than I just did at that last line.

i hope your little guy feels better soon.

moo said...

aw, poor kid! give him a big hug from his uncle Moo! oh, and LOL for the vibrating corn bit.....

Sol said...

aw he is sooo cute.

hope he feels better

Melanie said...

hang in there. those days are rough. you are a great mom.

the door john deer thing totally sounds like a kinky toy :)