Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Lately it seems the girls have this relationship that forces me to play referee more times than I want in a day and results in both girls standing in their respective time out corners.

Sometimes I even make them kneel down on the wood floor and raise their hands up above their heads - this method seems to really work well, but I keep this as a more severe punishment for say...hitting or writing your name with nail polish all over the wall.Jonas tries to break the scilence and time-out tension by bringing the girls toys.Here's to hoping the constant little talks about behavior towards others and using your ears for what God intended them for...you know...to listen...will stick soon!In other recent events, Jonas has discovered how to use a fork. He insists on using it at all meals and patiently works at getting some food on it...even a crumb will do.When not using the fork to eat, he carries the fork around with him. A good crying session ensued last night when I dared to take the fork away for bed time. Such a mean Mom!One good thing comes from when the girls are in time-out...I get to do a little shopping online.

Currently, I'm taking full advantage of the *20% discount over at the Shabby Apple Summer sale. I'm for sure getting the high waisted bow skirt (adorable!) but can't decide between the two dresses pictured above.

Which one would you get? Love, love, love Shabby Apple dresses.

There's nothing like retail therapy to reward myself for days like I had yesterday, although I'm pretty sure Bret wished that the desire to do yard work or deep clean the house was my therapy instead.


Katie said...

my sister in law makes her kids to wall-sits in time-out. that would make me behave.

Debbi said...

I feel your pain. I think this whole summer I've been playing referee too. I love the pictures, Mr. Jonas is getting so grown up!

Those are the exact dresses I was looking at yesterday too. I love them both, but I really want the red one. I bet you would look cute in all of them:)

{natalie} said...

i am ordering the green/stripes one and the bijou. i hope they fit ok. i've never ordered from them before.

what did you decide on?

Anonymous said...

I just bought the green one!! ;) and I love the red one too at 20% off just get both!:) and as for your children's summer behavior...mine are doing the same thing...and I make them do chores...pull weeds and fold laundry! And continue the talks about how to talk to family! But it is always nice to know someone else is going thru the same thing!:)