Thursday, July 21, 2011


::Gabriella Moea Grover - 7 years old::

What's the coolest thing about being 7?
You can do super cool tricks.
You can take a shower all by yourself without all the little kids in there and being squished.
You get to be in second grade.
You can order your own food at a restaurant.
You can babysit the other kids...but just for a minute while Mom runs to the neighbors house.
You get to go shopping for clothes and get to pick a shirt or two all by yourself.
You can paint your own nails.

Sounds like turning 7 is an awesome thing to do! Happy birthday Miss Ella!

*picture outfit, location, poses, and hair were all done by Ella*


Karin said...

Happy birthday! What a cutie :)

Nielson's said...

She is beautiful! Our daughters ARE really close in age, and have awesome names! But my Ela is going into 1st grade, I decided to hold her back a year. Erica she is a doll:) happy birthday to her!

Debbi said...

Happy Happy Birthday Ella! Being 7 is great. I love her post.
Hope she has a great day!

(and happy late birthday Bret!)

Sol said...

Happy Birthday Ella!

Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures of such a beautiful birthday girl! I can't believe it was 7 years ago that we had our little tiny baby girls! It seems like a lifetime ago, but like yesterday at the same time. I hope you guys have such a fun day celebrating. Happy birthday Ella!!

Cristy said...

Happy Birthday pretty girl!

All of us, but mostly Heidi said...

wow. She's adorable!