Tuesday, July 26, 2011

{A current report on the boy}

+cucumbers, broccoli, waffles, cheese, Veggie Straws, watermelon, grapes,steak, pork chops, and Quinoa are his top favorite foods at the moment.
+dog, cat, duck, monster, lion, horse are the animal noises he can make.
+balls, cars, airplanes, and Star Wars are toys that he loves.
+his cheeks jiggle as much as the rest of his body when he dances.
+Special Agent Oso and Sesame Street are his favorite to watch.
+If he sees you cry, his lip will poke out and he will cry right along with you.
+Loves the beach and the pool.
+Prefers outside to inside.
+gives the best open mouth kisses...ever!
+has 11 teeth.
+Loves his monkey blanket/stuffed animal "Mo" something fierce.
+Enjoys a good dance party.
+Obsessed with the nunchuck controller for the Wii and Mario Cart.
+Prefers to go on his belly down a slide.
+Has eaten 5 potato bugs.
+Feeds the dog his snacks.
+Splashes in the toilet any chance he can get (gag!)
+Uses a fork.
+Brings me a diaper and wipes and informs me he's "Tinky" while lifting up his shirt.
+Bubbles and balloons are a passion.+He points to you and says "I la-loo". I melt.


Heather said...

Adorable!! Makes me so excited to do it all over again with my #2!

{natalie} said...

it's nuts that these babies keep growing up. he is such a little man. love the tie shirt.

Sol said...

He is gorgeous!

jessie said...

We are the same person, I totally did an update on Sloan today too.

I wouldn't even be able to handle myself if Sloan pointed to me and said "i la-loo."

Such a smart little boy. And stinkin adorable too!

dp...design&photography said...

He's just so cute... I can't even handle it! :)

allison. said...

LOVE the pictures! He is adorable!!

Jennilyn said...

He is getting so big! What a handsome little guy.