Sunday, June 26, 2011

{Sunday Photograph - 23}

There was a moment today when the only noise was the hum of the baby monitor and the air conditioner.

The two littlest kids were napping away, while Ella and I were deep into our books on my bed, joined by a tired Bret.

I had to pause while reading and enjoy the quiet. I felt so...content. Ella apparently felt the same way. Sometime during our quiet time she put her own book down and sighing said "Ahh...this is the life".

Soon nap time was over and our bed became a cozy (cramped?) nest of contentedness.

For a minute I missed the quiet, but then I felt a pudgy set of toes dig into my leg, a small hand on my belly and another hand playing with (pulling) my hair.

Ella was right, this is totally the life.


{natalie} said...

sounds pretty great to me. what are you reading?

Jo Ann Anderson said...

Crazy question Erica. You always seem to find the greatest things. I have been looking for a charcoal sheet set the colors of your pillow cases for almost a year now and have not found any that I love. The color in the pictures looks exactly like what I had in mind. Do you know where you got them???? And more important do you like them or are the comfy? Plus can I add how much I love your bedding and cute yellow and white rose pillow. I'd love to know where you are shopping. Thanks!

{Erica} said...

Jo Ann,
Check your email. Let me know if you don't get the email I sent and leave your email address here in case I have an old email address. :)

Your question isn't crazy. I've had a lot of emails asking the same thing. :)