Friday, June 17, 2011

{An Ode}

My kids lucked out in the Dad department. Bret rocks as a dad and I'm not shy about saying that he does.

A list of a few things the kids and I came up with that make him so awesome:

01)Active participant in any birthday parties for various stuffed animals, tea parties with princesses and a fair judge for talent shows.
02)Makes up silly songs every morning to sing during breakfast time.
03)you should see his dance moves during the family dance
04)gets up at night when the kids have a bad dream, says a prayer with them and tucks them back into bed.
05)goes on bike rides almost every night, kids in tow.
06)puts the needs of the kids and wife before his own.
07)knows all the songs The Wiggles and The Backyardigans sing, as well as all lyrics (and almost all lines) from all the Disney princess movies and sings them right along with the girls.
08)Makes the best fluffy waffles in the world.
09)Every single night he gives the kids a bath and washes hair.
10)He reads a bed time story every night.
11)makes faces out of the lunch sandwiches and fruit.
12)leaves notes for the kids in places they will find them
13)takes the kids out on individual dates.
14)plays 20 rounds of the kids current favorite board game with them.
15)In the words of Ella "He just loves the bananas out of us Mom!"I had to include this last picture after noticing Ella wasn't pictured. I showed Bret the picture and asked him where Ella was at that time (he was in charge of the kids while I was walking around taking pictures for a local magazine), his response "I didn't even know she was missing". Yay for attentive father's...

*I am just teasing...Bret is a very attentive father...when eating cotton candy isn't involved.

Love you forever McVet! Happy Father's Day, and thanks for the kids.

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