Thursday, June 23, 2011

{Magic Jars}

Earlier this week we put together our 2 jars that will be used over the Summer break. The one with the white strips has simple "stay at home" (or near by) activities that we can do as a family.

Each morning one of the kids pulls a paper out and that's the activity we do for the day at home.

Some of the things on the strips:
do a craft
water balloons
read 3 new books
make a video
play a board game
play the Wii
learn to cook something new
talent show
ride bikes around the block
go for a walk
visit the Dollar Store
make popsicles

You get the idea right?

The jar with the green strips is our Summer Service jar. Once a week we pull from this jar and do the small act of service listed on the strip. I wanted to have my kids really start to understand what service is and thought this would be a good way to start.

Some service ideas:
take a treat to a neighbor
write a thank you note to the story time librarian
call a family/friend and tell them you love them
doorbell ditch a favorite treat to a friend
wash car
clean inside car
take a treat to daddy's work
get involved in a community service project

There's more but I can't for each week though.I also posted our Summer fun list in the kitchen...a place we for sure will see it everyday.

These are mostly bigger activities that require more time or money. They are things we really want to do/see/visit this Summer. I already need to add a few more on there but oh well...

I have found that when we do these jars and list it helps us keep busy during the Summer. I also love making lists and checking off things...I've always got a list going on.

Today we'll mark one off the list as we are heading to Corona Del Mar to soak up a little sun and play at the beach!

Happy Summer!

*I got the jars from the Dollar Store. They are actually sugar storage containers but they did the trick :). *


Vivian Campbell said...

awesome idea!

{natalie} said...

We have similiar blogs today. I like your service ideas. We will have to incorporate some of those. I am
Jealous you are heading to the beach today. Have a good time!

Amanda said...

I LOVE this idea.....just what I need to entertain all the little fingers and toes at my house. Thanks!

Darcy and Shawn Patterson said...

So fun! My cousin did a similar thing... called it the Bucket List. Summer is so fun!

allison said...

cute idea! I also love the balloon bath too.