Thursday, June 02, 2011

{For real}

The other day I received an email from someone who reads this little blog. She was very generous with the compliments and used words such as glamorous and perfect to describe how she thought my daily life was.

As much as I appreciated her taking time out of her day to email me and give my ego a boost (we all love kind words right) I had to laugh at the choice of words she used to describe my life.

I read the email to Bret, who also found it comical that someone would think my life was glamorous and perfect. He asked what I was telling my readers?!

I try hard on this little bit of the Net to keep it real, with no pretenses, but apparently some things can still get a tad (or more?) misconstrued, and although I am very happy and love my life I certainly would never describe it as glamorous, and as far as describing it as perfect...well I suppose it can be it's own imperfect perfect, because to me where I'm at in my life is perfect for me.

I quickly sent back a response to this nice reader (Hi Shannon!) and told her I would give her a look at what a real day in my life entails and then maybe she would be able to see the truth. I would guess she would quickly have the urge to use different words to describe what I'm doing in my life.

Shannon here's my yesterday for you:This picture should be inserted at least 5 times throughout the day but figured you'd get the point.Loads of folding and washing laundry took up my morning.A morning play date for Mailee and a morning nap for Jonas.Lunch prep. A fancy meal of quesadillas, fruit salad and chocolate milk.Feeding the Littles. This consists of constantly telling Jonas to not throw his food on the floor or take off his bib, attempting to eat my meal before the salad gets soggy or the warm food gets cold and cleaning up bits of banana that somehow managed to get on the wall, chairs and floor.Clean up of breakfast and lunch dishes. We run the dishwasher at least once a least.Anxiously wait for Bret to get home for lunch so I can run some errands by myself. Yesterday I had the treat of going to the library alone. How sweet it was! Returned my books, picked up my new ones and was able to browse through rows and rows of books that didn't consist of picture books!Nap time = my 2 hour break to clean or create or read or sleep or watch mind numbing television or edit get the picture.

Yesterday I worked on making a few more earrings for my poor neglected shop until Ella got home. Then it's our time together/homework time.5 o'clock and dinner prep begins. Breakfast for dinner is usually what we have on the nights we've got something going on or Bret's on call and not home. Last nights fancy meal...french toast and bacon.A quick dinner for me then off to the church to accompany/practice a couple musical numbers for church in a few weeks, then a rush back home so Bret can get down to the hospital for 2 emergencies that were coming in.Some family time before the bath routine starts. We usually end our night with a family dance party. Last night we were seriously missing Bret's sweet sweet dance moves.

There is no picture of baths and bedtime. I've got my hands full when Bret's not there to help and taking pictures was far from my mind. I did get peed on though...that's becoming part of the routine unfortunately.Usually after dancing a few songs with the kids I start to edit some of my client sessions and continue to do so after the Littles are down for the night.

Bret and I attempt to catch up on our DVR'd shows. He plays Angry Birds or Pumpkins vs. Monsters or reads through some surgery/medical book. I edit and take breaks to browse pinterest and Facebook.

One of us usually is nodding off around 11:30 so we call it a day and head on up to bed.

So Shannon, what say you? Glamorous? Perfect?

Here's what I say. My life is unglamorously perfectly imperfectt and I love it.

**Often times we get down on ourselves or think that someone has it better than us when reading through blogs or hearing what they are doing in their lives. Am I the only one who feels that way sometimes?

I try very hard not to do this and instead get ideas and encouragement and love to see that others out there are doing and experiencing the same things I am.

I really, truly believe that no one out there leads a glamorous and perfect life...except for maybe Gwyneth Paltrow...that chick can, and does, do everything.


Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

"unglamorously perfectly imperfect" that. It's so true, about life in general. :)

Morgan said...

Love it. A couple of years ago, a friend wrote a blog post in which she talked about how jealous she was of me because my life is perfect and hers sucks. Okay, not her exact wording. I was a little bit ticked at first, but I called her after I calmed down and gently explained to her that my life is far from perfect and that everyone's fighting a hard battle in this life. We've all got our burdens to bear.

I know that that's not what Shannon was saying and I know that she, as well as my friend, meant well. What I realized from that experience with my friend is that it's my responsibility to make it clear that my life is not perfect. I don't mean that I need to complain about my trials, but I do need to stop being ashamed of them. We all have them, and life would be better for everyone if we all stopped feeling the need to hide the less than perfect parts of our lives.

Okay, I feel like I just went off on this huge tangent that has nothing to do with anything that you said, but that is what I was reminded of when I read this. I think you said it perfectly- "unglamorously perfectly imperfect." I think even Gwyneth would agree.

karen and cameron said...

Somehow your chaos looks glamorous to me (i.e the dishes in the sink are dainty, vintagey, and cute). So I guess you're one of the few that pulls of the crazy life of a mom and wife in style. ;) tell Shannon if she wants to feel better about herself, to pay a visit to my blog. Ha!

kt said...

So, did you like The Throne of Fire? I didn't love the first, and I am trying to decide if I should bother with the second.

Sarah said...

Love you showing what all goes on in a day. I have to say, I am totally jealous of all of the time you get to yourself! It looks sooooo wonderful :)

It is true that nobody has a glamorous or perfect life, we all have our struggles, imperfections, trials and things that we have to do even if we don't like it. But having a good attitude and being grateful can make the hugest difference. I think unglamorously perfectly imperfect is such a wonderful way to describe it. Love it.

jessie said...

I just had this conversation with a girlfriend at the park today. How it's so easy to get caught up in what other people have going on in their lives and thinking they are perfect via the blog world......

Maybe because I know better, I try not to think that about anyone, regardless of how awesome their life looks via their blog.

Your words were perfect, and I couldn't agree more!

Jessica Newman said...

I can totally see why people are raving over your pictures and your blog in general. It is amazing! Your pics are gorgeous. I love all of the fashion finds :)