Tuesday, June 07, 2011

{The Desert}

Doing something fun + something productive (yard work, home improvement) as a family on Bret's day off each week is always the plan.

Yesterday we decided to cancel our beach plans due to cooler weather and head to Palm Springs to visit The Living Desert, hit up In & Out for a quick lunch (double-double protein style if you please) and do some thrift store shopping. If you ever want to see over priced used items check out the thrift stores in Palm Springs, where thrift store shopping is super trendy.It's always fun to see what sort of hidden gems I can find in thrift stores but it's definitely hit or miss and you always have to remember that %99.7 of the stuff in there is junk. I did find a few sweet ties that we use every year to wrap Bret's Fathers Day gifts.

Bret and I both found this book title amusing. It's no wonder it wasn't a best seller:After a few minutes of joking and coming up with one-liners from the book we thought it was time to round up the Littles and head home.

We were this close to buying the book...because who doesn't want to do a little cooking with pooh?


{natalie} said...

Thrift shopping seems trendy anywhere you go. I am not patient enough for the hunt of it.

I love in n out. Yum.

Cristy said...

It's never too cold for the beach! Palm desert looks awesome. My kind of adventure! Thrift store shopping, not so much. I love a good antique store, when somebody else has already sifted through the junk and found the treasures for me. :)