Thursday, June 16, 2011


We are a week into our Summer break and already deep into creating, coloring, experimenting, cooking lessons, chores, service acts, work books and playing (with a trip to Disneyland and the drive-in thrown in there as well).

Lately the popular past time has been creating at the kitchen table. Ella has been busy designing her "Summer Season" line of fashion - please note the hats...she's got her finger on the trend pulse, while Mailee has been adding new peices of jewelry to her "Magnificent Jewelry Shop".I'm loving this time I have with my Littles and know that blogging will be inconsistent while I enjoy a little creating of my own.

I've replenished the craft drawers and kits with the essentials but wanted to pick your brain and see what are your favorite supplies? Do you have any at-home simple projects/crafts that you can share? How do you fill your Summer days?


Heather said...

Oh girls....some day. I LOVE that Ella has been creating a summer season line. That girl's amazing!

Our activities have been pretty low key around here. Cole has discovered that skateboarding is awesome so he has been skateboarding around the house for weeks. Oh, and not to mention his obsession with baseball. So we make daily walks to the park to watch all the baseball games at night. Oh, and 7 peaks almost every day...again, just a walk down the street. Best summer ever! Not much crafting, more boyish stuff.

You coming to Provo for the 4th?

Jaime Stephens said...

You need to do a blog post on some of your ideas.. Everything in the picture looks so fun! You've got great ideas I struggle in the creative/craft mom area help..

banananutmeg said...

I make a fat list of things to do in the summer (sprinklers, snacks to make, places to go, etc) and try to do at least one memorable thing with the kids each day. Some days they'll spend the whole day playing barbies or whatever, but I try to sneak in a fun dessert or we'll read a new book or something so that every day was something special. I want to try to make homemade bubble solution this year. I found a recipe on line for the kind that calls for corn syrup and is supposed to be great for GIANT bubbles. Little things like that. The girls are keeping journals this summer, which is fun because they have one page for each day describing something fun that they did. At the end of summer they should have a nice little book.

Sarah said...

I love Ella's Summer Seasen fashion line! So fun and adorable. What a fun thing for her to do. Is that a little fashion desiging kit that she's using? Where did you find it?

I am so bad about doing crafts with my kids. The mess overwhelms me. We also do something fun every day whether it's big like going to the beach or a fun kid place, or just running through the sprinklers or getting frozen yogurt or something. I try to make every day special for me and my kids :) I love the summer!

Valerie said...

yes, I'd also love a post on fun crafts for little girls.