Monday, June 13, 2011

{Candy Lei - how to}

The search words "How to make a flower lei" bring a lot of hits to this little blog during this time of year, due to a post I did when Bret graduated Veterinary school.

To see a quick tutorial on how to make a flower lei that I previously posted click {HERE}

Today I thought I would do a quick tutorial on how to make a candy lei. Candy lei's make for great (and delicious) substitutions on the traditional flower lei's that are given.

+plastic wrap
+assorted candiesCut ribbon into 3 inch strips. Lay long strip of plastic wrap on flat surface (I usually use the long side of my dining table - making the plastic wrap go almost the full length of the table).Prep sweets by putting them in a bowl. I like to mix the candy up but you can use just one type of candy if you want it to look uniform.Place candy in center of plastic wrap (I adjusted candy after my little helper).

Once you've placed the candy and have the length you want (keep in mind it will shorten a bit) fold right side of plastic wrap over candy, then fold left side of plastic wrap over candy, completely covering the candy.Tie ribbon between each piece of candy. Be sure to tie off ribbon as close to candy as possible to avoid having ugly spaces of just plastic on lei.Tie off lei by tying the two ribbon end pieces together.

You can make these for graduations, birthdays, baptisms, etc.

You can substitute the candy with money, gumballs, or small toys.


Sarah said...

So fun! One of the little girl's in Kate's preschool class gave a candy lei to each of the kids at their graduation. Katie LOVED it so much :)

Cristy said...

I always forget about these things! Great reminder.