Tuesday, May 03, 2011

{X marks the spot}

We made treasure maps yesterday in preschool to incorporate the letter X (X marks the spot).Mailee got way into the map and carried it around with her all day yesterday. Where ever we would drive she had her trusty map. Suddenly ordinary objects outside our window became something on her map.

At home her map really came alive. Mountains were construced out of pillows and chairs and string for the web, etc.First you go over the Zombie mountains (zombies are gween and eat your bwains), then you tip toe through the giant mean girl spider place, then take a super duper long journey to Sea Monster Lake, then take a smaller journey to scary ghost cave and then X MARKS THE SPOT! Congratulations you found the pretty treasure!She did stop to take a few breaks to feed her unicorn...a unicorn has got to eat too right? Please notice the eyes.She also encountered a chubby monkey along her super duper long journey. She had to make him laugh by sniffing him before moving on.It's amazing how much entertainment one piece of paper can provide. Try it.


Pattersons said...

so fun erica! nani couldn't stop showing us everything on her map and how she was able to find the treasure:) thanks for making it so fun for her!

Cristy said...

That map is too cool! Seriously, what is up with little kids and paper: maps, notes, letters, all hidden, all to find... ahh!

Megan said...

Love the map and the unicorn outfit!! So stinkin cute!!

Emmy said...

Awww that's so cute!! I made maps like that when I was little :D
Love your blog by the way, have a nice weekend.