Friday, May 20, 2011

{True story}

I don't have feeling in my right pinky due to getting it shut in the junior high locker.

The breakdown in bullet points:
.Hand fell back into open locker (locker was the lower one)
.Locker slammed shut (must do it quickly and fast before backpack falls out) at exact same time my hand fell back
.Me asking my friend over and over to open her locker while trying not to pass out
.Girl couldn't remember combination due to blood streaming down front of locker
.Me ripping my hand out of still locked locker after counting to three. 1...2...3!
.Blood + crying
.Friends cup hands around my severely injured hand, their hands filling with blood (graphic much?)
.Run to faculty lounge - they were eating lunch
.Teachers running the opposite direction, a few muttering "I don't do blood!"
.Substitute (shout Mrs. Lundquist!) coming to my rescue
.9 shots into finger, lots of stitches
.Next day locker is still covered in blood and trail of dried blood leads all to faculty lounge (Hello Mr. Janitor?!)

The end.


Leilani said...

Your commentary on the gruesome is always so funny. Getting your finger damaged for life, not funny. RIP poor little pinky. :)

Anonymous said...

I remember when that happened. I remember you showing up the next day at school with bandages all over your hand. I also remember you and Jonathan Saluone :)


Morgan said...

Okay, I'm feeling like the biggest idiot right now. Here I was thinking that this happened yesterday. And so by the end of the story, as sad as I was feeling over the whole mangled finger thing, I was still trying to figure out what you were doing hanging out in a junior high school, and how it is that you have all of these middle school-aged friends to help you out, and why you went back to the school the next day. I also assumed that that must have been your pinky's good side and that it was so very kind of you to spare us the nasty, bloody images. Wow. And now I'm laughing.