Sunday, May 29, 2011

{Sunday Photographs - 19}

The past year or so I've been torn between keeping up the tradition of a nice Sunday meal that I grew up with or keeping it super simple. On the days we do simple it's popcorn, apple slices and cheese sticks. Both ways I enjoy.
Let's face it, not every Sunday do I have the desire to spend a couple hours in the kitchen making dinner. I do however think that cooking is a sort of therapy for me and I enjoy it more often than not, maybe I'll just do both like I've been doing.
What do you do for Sunday dinner?

Today's dinner...leftover pizza. Cold. The kids ate more of it then they probably would most of my made-from-scratch Sunday dinners so they were happy, and I was happy because prep was about a minute or two.This hasn't been a great Sunday. The kids are snarky and restless, Bret's on call and has either been on the phone or at the hospital - he is currently at the hospital doing a C-section on a Chihuahua. I've got a migraine and my own brand of PMS snark to add to the mix.

My phone alarm went off sometime between getting one kid out of time out and putting the other in, letting me know that today was someones birthday. Bret's mom to be exact.

His mom passed away when he was 18. I never got to meet her in person but I truly feel like I know her.

I know her in the goodness I see in her children and her own mother, and from the stories shared with me by family and even total strangers who took time to email me once they figured out I was married to her son and let me know how good she was.

I wished Eleanor a happy birthday quietly and knew she'd probably be handling this not-so-good-Sunday so much better than I was. It was then, about an hour ago, that I decided to try and be a bit more like Eleanor.

The kids are still paying visits to time out, Bret is still gone and my head is going to explode but my attitude has changed and suddenly, just like that, the evening has taken a turn for the better.

Thank you Eleanor...and happy birthday.


Debbi said...

This is a beautiful post Erica. Seriously, that makes me want to have a better attitude today too. Thanks. It sounds like Eleanor was a wonderful mom.

I hope you feel better soon too!

Sarah said...

I love this. So real and true to life! It sounds like your mother-in-law was a wonderful woman who has left a wonderful legacy. I hope that you're feeling better soon too!!

Pattersons said...

a beautiful post erica:) thanks for putting things in perspective. and here's to hoping you're feeling better soon!