Sunday, May 22, 2011

{Sunday photographs - 18}

While watching the kids play in the playroom I found myself wondering what this room would (will?) be like once they've out grown their toys? I just can't see it being anything but a playroom, complete with toys littering the ground and sounds of laughter (and the occasional bickering) coming from the room.

Do you see Ella's missing tooth? She lost that tooth around Christmas time and it's showing no sign of coming in. I'm holding off on taking her in to the Dentist. My two front teeth never came in and I still remember the procedure they had to do to get them out...ouch! Is it just wishful thinking?

Jonas is obsessed with cars. I don't mind him playing with dolls or "girl" toys, but he always gravitates to his cars. He picks them right up and starts making his car noises. We didn't teach him these's just a boy thing I suppose. My attempts at making a car noise is pretty pathetic (think - a cow with a cold). Must work on car noises now that I have a boy.


A Different Drum said...

Henry was the same way, we never pushed him towards cars, he just loved them from the start!
Your car noises will come with time! ;)
Cute pictures!

Cassie and Mitch said...

hey erica, question for you.....I need some decor ideas for a play room. Our new place will have one and I am not sure what to do to make it look organized or cute. Maybe you could send me some pics or take some to put on your blog, I would love to see the big picture or have any tips! Love the slide pic by the way!

brittany said...

these pictures are so cute! you do such a great job of capturing your kids.

Jennilyn said...

That slide picture is So cute! Brooklyn lost her two front teeth around Christmas too and only one has come in...gotta love those toothless smiles.

Sarah said...

I second the play room decor ideas - where did you get that shelf/bench/storage bin in your playroom? I'm needing help with our playroom and I'd love ideas!