Sunday, May 15, 2011

{Sunday Photographs - 17}

What is it with kids and parents rooms?

Our room is far from fascinating...we are going on 2 years living in this house and our room is not decorated in the least (maybe this Summer), but this is where we find our kids more often than their rooms.

This morning Jonas woke up early (thanks to teething) and joined us for a morning cuddle. Soon the sound of shuffling feet was heard and both girls joined us as well. Bad morning breath aside, these are moments I love.

Jumping on the bed, pillow fights, playing pirates in our tub and looking through my jewelry box asking me to tell them the story behind this piece of jewelry or that one is all the rage at the moment.

It's cold today. Bret is currently mixing up some hot cocoa and 'mallows for the kids pre-bedtime routine.

I'm in the middle of making my bi-monthly grocery list and trying to convince myself that all will be well tomorrow morning when I take 2 kids (one of which is a teething monster at the moment) with me to Costco. Here's to hoping their samples are good ones.

Now...let's get this bed time routine going...the finale of Survivor is on tonight. Boston Rob all the way!


brittany said...

Go Rob Go!! Your kids are adorable!!!

Sarah said...

Your kids are sooooooo cute! My girls are the same way about my jewelry, and Blaine loves nothing more than emptying out all of my drawers and cupboards in my bathroom. It drives me nuts! You are right, what is it about parents' rooms?

Love your cute kids. I hope that Jonas teething woes are gone soon! Poor little guy.... and poor mama!

Rachel said...

Your kids are beautiful. Good luck with your shopping tomorrow.

Teething is no fun at all!

Go Rob!

{natalie} said...

Cute bedding. I have that yellow throw pillow on my couch.

Good luck with shopping. I hate taking the kids with me.

Hope you have a great week

Lisa said...

the kids are adorable and look like they're having so much fun!!!

love the bedding too! Where is it from? I have gray walls and have been looking for something EXACTLY like what you have!!:-) Share please!