Tuesday, May 24, 2011

{Sherbet Pie}

I made this yummy dessert this past weekend. It was simple and delicious. I plan on doing a lime and orange version along with this raspberry one for our next get together. I think all three colors together provide a perfect color palette for a Summer party.Raspberry Sherbet Pie
.Raspberry sherbet
.Marshmallow creme (7 oz container)
.Cream cheese (8 oz - room temperature)
.Cool Whip (16 oz container) or homemade whipped cream
.Large graham cracker crust. I have also made my own crust using shortbread cookies, butter and a little bit of sugar..Take out sherbet and let soften.
.In a bowl mix together cream cheese, marshmallow creme and Cool Whip (leaving some whipped topping for top of pie) until smooth.
.Add softened sherbet to cream cheese mixture
.Pour mixture into crust
.Freeze until firmENJOY!


{natalie} said...

Oh wow I have to try this. It looks so good. And. I love any excuse to use fluff

Sarah said...

That looks like a perfect summer dessert. Yum! Thanks for sharing! :)

Cristy said...

Yum! Will have to try when summer hits here... like August! (Seriously, officially the first day of summer here is July 5th, the day after your 4th of July BBQ is rained out. Grr)

lyn. said...

I'm definitely making this during the summer, that is if Spring ever gets here...

Caroline said...

Awesome! I am going to make this weekend! Thanks!