Thursday, May 12, 2011

{Out back}

For my children there is nothing better than being in my parents back yard. If we haven't seen the girls for a while you can bet they are out back with my mom.

A sand box filled with buried shells, a pond, a hammock, a shell covered fountain, a back yard that melts into the "Y" mountain...yes these things are all appealing, but the best part of this magical place for my kids are the animals and garden.Ella enjoyed helping my mom with her square foot gardening, measuring out the grid and watering the soil. She was in heaven.Time was spent digging for worms to feed the 15+ chickens/chicks, herding the baby chicks around the lawn/mountainside and making sure the rabbits had food and water. Lots of petting,cooing, squeezing and scratches.Another visit is planned this Summer and I'm sure I'll be hearing about the back yard until we return to their little piece of heaven again.


{natalie} said...

sounds wonderful to me. i always wish we had more outdoor space. those chickies are cute.

Sarah said...

Your mother's yard is amazing! So beautiful with so many fun things. I could spend all day there! :) How awesome that you guys really aren't that far away. I can see why your kids can't wait to get back! :)

brittany said...

your parents yard sounds so fun! what a fun place for you to take your kids.