Monday, May 23, 2011

{No. 147}

**No time for linking. If you like something let me know in the comments and later on today I'll provide the link**

1.Sea foam +stripes
2.Can't get enough of wide leg jeans. They are just so flattering and so comfy. Have you found a favorite pair? Where did you get it?
3.Jeffery Campbell sandals...I love you!
4.I already have a pretty glass drink dispenser...but this one is prettier. I would have a hard time putting this one away until the next party.
5.American Apparels NEON polish is perfect for Summer days. The green and purple are my favorite.
6.It's not secret I love succulents. This wreath is something I will be attempting in the near future.
7.I keep a running notepad on my computer of the crazy, silly things my kids say. I'm pretty sure I could fill up this cute quote book fast. I would love to have one for each kid. I know they would love reading through it when they are older, plus having my handwriting inside would personalize it.
8.Anyone else excited for SYTYCD? Only bummer is that Mary Murphy is back...I thought for sure her Hot Tamale train (aka Crazy train) was long gone.


Lisa and Rustin said...

I am SO with you about Mary being back...ugh!


Pattersons said...

i'm LOVING those sandals! and i'm with you on the kids quote book-they do say some of the craziest/funniest things and it'd be great if i could get it all down! thanks for great ideas:)

emily kate said...

Yes, SO excited about SYTYCD and so NOT excited about Mary being back. Crazy train is right. Does that mean Mia will be back to choreographing?

Sarah said...

Where did you find that wreath (#6)? I LOVE it!

Jaime Stephens said...

Love the shirt please share... Also where did u get your slide in your playroom? Man you know where to find all the goods!

Michelle said...

I love the beverage dispenser! Please post the link, I want to buy it this minute! ;)

daphne said...

Love the jeans. Please post!

{Erica} said...


drink dispenser and shirt are from Anthropologie (yes, it's Anthropologie...NOT Anthro)

Jeans are from Fossil

Wreath I found via pinterest

Jinii said...

Please share where the sandals are from!

Sarah said...

Can't wait for SYTYCD, but I think it's fun Mary's back. She is definitely entertaining and Mia wasn't my favorite. I'm excited to see how the season pans out :)

You have fabulous taste and fabulous finds. I love the kid quote book, I think that really would be a treasure when they were older!