Monday, May 02, 2011

{No. 145}

Today's MPM consists of a few Mother's day gift ideas for myself. Ha! How's that for being self absorbed? Who knows, maybe you'll see something you like and suggest it to your significant other as well...or be better than me and get it for that mother in your life.1.This beautiful skirt would be the perfect Summer skirt.
2.As much as I love a good skirt lately I've been drawn to dresses. This floral beauty caught my eye right away.
3. just finished watching the series finale (again) of Gilmore Girls. Their witty banter and people of the quaint town of Star's Hollow never disappoint. This show could never get old for me.
4.Never under estimate the power a good wedge has to transform an outfit. early gift to myself, I picked up this tee at Target over the weekend. A favorite color of mine and a favorite embellishment (ruffles) made this tee a winner.
6.Nail polish in brightly colored hues...yes please. At the moment, my nails are painted in a new favorite OPI hue called "I'm Wired" (shown in the picture). A great way to add a pop of color and a wonderful gift idea.
7.This pearl cluster bracelet would dress up any outfit.

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