Sunday, April 24, 2011

{Sunday Photographs - 15}

Easter Sunday.

Cheesy potatoes (real potatoes please), glazed ham (Bret missed the leg of lamb we usually have at my parents house), bacon wrapped asparagus, honey wheat rolls, salad and dessert. We are stuffed and happy.

Jonas squeals every time his wind up chick hops across the floor and chases after it with a plastic egg in each hand. Mailee is out back blowing bubbles from her bubble ring. Ella is amazed that her mini magic 8 ball can tell her future.

Mailee informed us at dinner that "Jesus died guys, but that's okay because he got alive again...isn't that fantastic?!". is truly fantastic!


Lisa and Rustin said...

CUTE CUTE kiddos!!
And YES, that is fantastic!

Sarah said...

I love Mailee's dress!!! They all look so cute in their Easter wear :)

Pattersons said...

love the kids pics! and yes, it's indeed fantastic mailee:)

Kristan said...

Miss Mailee! I love her. I will never forget when she would pretend to be a cat! LOL

I am LOVING their Sunday clothes! So dang cute! Jonas has cheeks to die for!

Pretty much you have the cutest kids ever!