Sunday, April 10, 2011

{Sunday Photographs- 13}

As I type this post the rest of my family members are in the play room. Bret is singing along with the girls to the tunes on their karaoke radio. I can't help but smile and laugh at what they sound like.

Ella is full of emotion, and vibrato. Mailee is loud aka in "wockstar mode". Bret...well his singing is in a league of its own. Jonas is rocking back and forth and clapping his hands somewhat on beat.

The dining room table is covered with paint brushes and glitter glue. It was a family project to finish up Ella's Dolphin costume for her animal report at school. What's a Dolphin without glitter all over?

I am going to soak in the bath and watch Arrested Development on the portable DVD player tonight after the kids go to bed. Why? Because I want to...and because Bret has grand plans for beating Super Mario Bros. on the Wii and as much as I want to be there for moral support when he dies by the hand of King Koopa, a bath sounds much better.

Five dollars. That's the amount I made from charging my girls $1 for each little packet of Pez candy they requested over the past week. I'm pretty sure that is almost their life savings in their piggy banks.

I don't feel guilty in the least. to sing a little Karaoke...gonna show them how it's done.


Jesse said...

It's so weird to see Jonas standing up like that! It's like he grew up in the week since we last saw him...

banananutmeg said...

how does one even go about attempting to fashion a dolphin costume? Could there be a more difficult animal? hahaha Pictures, please!

Heather Child said...

You are so cute! I can't believe how grown up and big your kids are. I miss you terribly!

Sarah said...

Look at that big boy standing up! I can't believe how old it makes him look standing there with his sisters. He is SO CUTE. I love all of the pictures of him in your last post.