Sunday, April 03, 2011

{Sunday Photographs - 12}

Today was General Conference. I love General Conference, so it was no surprise that today was a perfect Sunday.

The kids did their best to let Bret and I watch both sessions without much interruption. I was okay with the play dough bits all over the wood floors mingled with their jewelry beads and coloring long as I could listen and be uplifted and edified.

We still have family in town. It's always a good time when family visits. Games, laughing, stories and new memories all happened.

Don't expect an MPM for tomorrow...I haven't been on the computer much since Thursday.

Jonas took four steps tonight. I tried to be excited but I just couldn't hide the fact that I was a bit sad that my little guy is getting bigger. Oh how I love him.

It was a good day.


Sarah said...

I love conference weekend so, so much. Although I'm still trying to clean up the conference bomb that went off in our house! I swear my kids pulled out every.single.toy that we own. Oh well, it was worth it! :)

Have so much fun with your visitors! Ours just left and I'm slowly getting back into things again. I miss them already!

I can't believe little J man is taking steps!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun group of kids! I sure do miss ALL of my grandkids (and my kids too!!!) Glad you could enjoy conference.
Love ya,


jessie said...

Four steps?!?!?! Are you kidding me! I totally get's exciting but a little sad cause he's getting big. We're in the same boat....